Adopt A Zero-Waste Lifestyle For A Sustainable Future | Saidham Builders & Developers

Waste management is a collective responsibility to preserve nature. Zero-waste living has become popular, and more individuals are turning to zero-waste living for different reasons. Zero-waste lifestyle correlates with minimalism which focuses on saving money, space, and personal time in maintenance, cleaning, and decluttering. Zero-waste living continuously works on reducing waste drastically or minimizing the waste. This lifestyle only adopts essential, reusable, and upcycled items to reduce harmful environmental impacts. Zero-waste lifestyle is becoming more evident as it creates awareness and conservation surrounding ecological degradation and climate change. 

Real estate sector and its contribution to waste management

The real estate sector is the most significant contributor to the GDP of our country. This sector not only generates employment and positive economic development but also adopts Environmental. Social and Corporate Governance ( ESG) as part of their core business. 

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