Easy Tips to Make Your Property Renter-Proof | Saidham Builders & Developers

Buying a property is a huge deal. It’s most people’s dreams to own a house, condo, townhouse, or anything where they can officially call home.

For some, however, that property is quickly going to turn into their rental property. You could be renting it as a vacation rental, renting out a room, or renting out the entire property for the long-term. Plots in Nagpur

You’ve already gone through so much in order to buy the property. The meeting with real estate agents, finding a loan, checking out tons of properties, hearing plenty of no’s, and finally closing.

Even though you may not be living there, you still want to make sure your property stays safe and looks great. That’s why you need to make sure your property is renter-proof, ready to whether the storm for whomever comes in. Plots in Umred Road, Nagpur

Of course you’ve gone through a tenant screening process, but the unexpected can happen at any moment. Make sure you check off these tips before plopping down that “for rent” sign.

✔ Avoid the Big Renovations

When you’re imagining your dream home, you’ve got the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all planned out perfectly in your head. It can be easy to think that your dream would be a one-size-fits-all, but remember that not all tenants may share your dream.

That’s why you should hold off on a bathroom or kitchen renovation. Not only are you going to be sinking in a ton of money to a place where you may not be staying, but you’re not likely to see a return on that investment for awhile. Residential & Commercial Plots in Umred Road, Nagpur

Plus, they may not put the care and effort you would into keeping it up and making sure it stays in tip-top shape. Those brand new renovations could be looking old in no time.

✔ Watch the Floor

When you’re choosing a floor for your rental property, you want to find something that is going to be durable. If your property has carpet throughout the rooms, it might be a better idea to install hardwood floors which aren’t as likely to stain, retain smells, and become dirtier over time.

Plus, some states require landlords to install new carpet every time a tenant moves out. Not only is that a lot of work, it’s pretty expensive. NMRDA Sanctioned with RL, Residential & Commercial Plots in Umred Road, Nagpur

Opt for durable floors that won’t need to be replaced on such a frequent basis.

✔ Hang Some Artwork

While a bit of artwork can brighten up just about any room, it’s also going to take away any temptation your tenants may have of hanging something or painting the walls themselves.

It’s one thing to hang up a poster of your favorite sports team, another to mount something that requires extensive screws and nails.

Your tenants may not have the same care as you do when looking for a wall stud and maintaining the integrity, and one misplaced screw could set off a chain effect which damages the wall long-term. 

✔ Cover the Small Things

While tenants and guests who come to your home are likely to focus on the beautiful kitchen or spacious master closet, it’s important to not forget about the small things.

Install sturdy door handles and knobs, so they won’t fall off or become loose. Replace hinges on squeaky cabinets or doors to avoid constant wear and tear. Be diligent when putting in towel racks or hangers. Best Builders & Developers in Nagpur

Just like mounting things, constant pressure on a towel rack that’s not aligned with a wall stud could see you tearing out bits and pieces of your wall over time.

Put some stoppers or padding behind doors and big windows to keep them from crashing into the wall and leaving nasty marks or indention’s. Place felt padding under tables and furniture to avoid scraping.

✔ Don’t Go Crazy on Landscaping

If you’re renting a family-home, it’s important to keep up the lawn for curbside value and overall appearance. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should be breaking the bank.

Your tenants, most likely, aren’t going to be putting as near as much effort to the outside of the house as they would the inside. They might mow the lawn here, pull up some weeds there, but wanting more is ludicrous.

Keep it simple on the outside. Don’t buy plants that need a specific feed or watering schedule. The easier it is, the more likely they are to keep up the lawn.