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If you are a landlord, the more DIY hacks you know, the better. Whether you have one property or more, learning how to easily update your rented accommodation and appeal to prospective renters is everything. It’s a case of standing out from the rest of the other available properties in the area and making sure your current renters are happy with where they live.

In this article, discover 5 DIY hacks every landlord needs to know. From choosing off-white walls, updating appliances with a quick coat of paint or installing a homely peel-and-stick wallpaper. There are many quick, easy, and affordable DIY hacks you can do to completely update a space.

Revamp old furniture

The furniture in your rented property takes the biggest brunt as your tenants come and go. So making sure it has a quick makeover every once in a while is important. Not only does it save money having to buy completely new items, but it is important for looking after the environment.

Updating old items can be as easy or difficult as you want them to be. Do you have a couch or armchair where the fabric is getting threadbare after many years of use? Then choose fitted throw covers instead of going on an upholstery course! Simply select ones in the perfect size and slip these over your items in no time. Or for even more ease, just opt for new cushion covers or blankets to add a pop of color or pattern to your decor. Or why not add a touch of hardwearing paint to a dining table, coffee table, dining chairs or any furniture that is looking a little tired? You will be surprised at how much this will make a difference! Have you thought about adding new handles to your cupboard or wardrobe doors? These will give old pieces a completely, brand-new look.

Paint the walls off-white

Although keeping on top of the paperwork is important when you are a landlord, keeping on top of your décor is just as crucial. The easiest and simplest way to give your property a new lease of life is by painting the walls in the same, neutral tone. And the most popular choice of colour is off-white. This shade will make prospective tenants feel like they have been given a blank canvas that they can make their own. It is impersonal, doesn’t lean towards a certain style and won’t offend anyone!

Paint the walls throughout the property in the same shade as well as the ceilings as well. This will encourage light into the property allowing the sun’s rays to bounce off the walls and make it easy for your tenants to bring in their own sense of style. Of course, you may have left the essential furniture items in there, but the people moving in can add room accessories and more to make it their own.

Install a peel and stick wallpaper

Painting all the walls white is a great idea. But why not make your property stand out from the rest with an artistic and neutral peel and stick wallpaper as well? Easy to install and removable, a self-adhesive wallpaper is great for a living room, bedroom, bathroom and more in your rented accommodation. It creates a vision in the renter’s mind of what they can add to the room to style it and make it their own. But be wary when choosing the style – think impersonal and simple.

A design such as this The Reed Birds wallpaper which is unique and beautiful but is by no means overpowering. The earthy, ochre tones from the reeds are warming. The creamy, off-white shades make it appealing for all – whether you’re a middle-aged woman who loves to travel or a young family who is just starting out.

Choose hard flooring as much as possible

Choosing hard flooring as much as possible is one of our best DIY hacks if you are a landlord. Of course, it’s ok to have some carpet in the property – especially in a bedroom where you want to keep it cosy and warm. But having hard flooring through the rest of the property will help you down the line…

This is because they are easier to keep clean and maintain than carpet. They are hardwearing which means you will save money -something every landlord is looking to do! But what type of hard flooring do you choose? We suggest vinyl or lino. Easy to install and replace, they are often a lot more affordable than real wood as well. What’s more, they come in a range of texture effects and colours so you have a good choice to choose from. Remember though, keep things neutral to please your wide audience of tenants.

Update old appliances with a coat of paint

A lot of the time, kitchen appliances can start to look very old very quickly in rented accommodation. Often a fridge, cooker, microwave can get marked, scratched or get a little rusty even if they are still fully functional.

To remedy this, choose an appliance paint to spray over the appliance to give it a completely new lease of life! Again neutral tones such as cream, white or even a really pale grey are great for any kitchen appliance as they will blend well into the rest of the room.

So if you are a tenant, remember to keep things neutral to appeal to a wide range of people so that they will want to live in your beautiful property. Do this by painting the walls off-white and choosing simple wall art that will appeal to all. Give old furniture and kitchen appliances a new lease of life– whether that be with a fresh coat of paint or a fitted throw cover! And don’t forget to avoid having to replace stained and threadbare carpets by opting for hard flooring instead. What is the first DIY hack you will do to give your property the makeover it deserves?

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