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Now when your quest for a dream home is over and most of the things have been finalized, the last and the biggest milestone that you have left is to prepare all the property-related documents. We are not lawyers, we are a layman who is hardly aware of the legal procedures required while purchasing a property. Even if you try really hard, there will be a lot of things which will go over your head. So, this last and final stage should be treated with utmost care so you don’t have to face issues in the coming future. In this post by Gateway Propmart, we are trying to cover some points and precautions that everyone should take while preparing the property documents.

Closely Check the Name and Spellings of Parties
Name of the parties depicts that the property transaction is taking place between these two clients, so there is no scope of a spelling mistake in the names. To ensure this, cross-verify the spellings from passport, academic records or Aadhaar Card at the time of preparing the property documents. In case, a person is having different names in different records, mention all the names as the alias to avoid any ambiguity in the future.

The slightest of a mistake in spelling can put both the parties into unnecessary trouble as the sales deed has to be made again. Hence, it the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all the details are entered correctly.

Age of Both Parties
Age of the parties is as equally important as the correct name and spelling of the parties in the preparation of property documents. Don’t just assume things by the physical appearance. Instead, check the age from the proofs available. The date mentioned on the high-school certificate is accepted by all government bodies in India.

Address of the Parties
The present and permanent address of the parties hold a very important place in the legal world. In case of any query, government officials can come and contact the concerned persons. So, these should be written without an error while preparing the property documents. You can also ask the seller party to come and ensure that there is no mistake in the details or spelling given for the address.

Money Paid
We all have heard this many a times that money is everything, hence, record all the details of the payments paid in words and numbers. It is one of the most crucial parts of property-related documents and proper attention should be given to this aspect.

Cheque Number or Demand Draft Number
If the transaction of payment is done via cheque or DD, then all the details mentioned in the cheque or DD like issuing date, the name of the bank and its address, and the amount should be entered without a mistake. If you are an amateur, you can seek help from the experts at the time of preparing the property documents.

Link Document Numbers
Many people fail to furnish link document numbers, such as date of registration, book number, book number, page number in the book, name of the sub-registrar office and district name, among others  .

House or Unit Details
At the time of preparing the property documents, always mention all the details of the house or unit, such as village name, mandal name, district name, sub-registrar office name, survey number, plot number, total extent of the plot along with four boundaries including the land on which the entire apartment structure is built. Plinth area, flat number, all the four boundaries and car parking area.

Attesting Witness
The role of attesting a witness in the preparation of the property documents comes into play when there is a dispute arising on the property. It is because of this fact that the attesting witness should have some reputation in the society their discretion have a huge impact in the eyes of law. At least two witnesses are required at the time of preparing the property documents.

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