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For homebuyers in a big city, outdoor spaces are a luxury. The balcony is an external extension considered the coveted space for urban living. Therefore, a spacious balcony is regarded as a crucial factor in the home-buying process. Once balconies were considered as the mere space outside four walls of the room, but now balconies are designed in a way to offer a premium view of the city. Here we share the top 9 tips to make this luxurious space comfier.

Surround yourself with greenery 

In cities, inhaling fresh air is a luxury. However, planting greens can bring this fresh air to your outdoors. Green-covered balconies not only bring in fresh and filtered air but also reduce stress and boost productivity. 

Put a hammock between your balcony railings 

A swing or a hammock definitely enhances the cozy factor of the outdoor space. Imagine settling on it with a cocktail in one hand and a thriller series on Netflix.

Go creative with artwork

If you are bored of a concrete wall staring at you, you can hang artwork to break the monotony. 

Add a comfy seating area

If you have space on the balcony, add a lounge area. To make it cozy, add a rug and pillows.

Give a cafe touch 

You can make the place interesting by adding small coffee tables and flower boxes. Surely, you would love to spend your evenings with loved ones.

Color arrangement

Choose a color that soothes your eyes. For example, pastel colors go well with the natural outdoors.

Vertical Garden 

Vertical planters are a great way to save floor space and, at the same time, a good way to add green to your space artistically.

Modern Lights 

Incorporate strings of lights to add a touch of style and functionality to the balcony space. Hang it from the ceiling or place it on the table to create a cozy atmosphere on the balcony.


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